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12 reasons to vote against the Estrela Resolution on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

The motion for a resolution on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights to be debated during the Plenary of the European Parliament on 21 October outlines problems related to the health of women and mothers in Europe and beyond. All EU citizens are entitled to health care, protection and support. However, none of these issues find an appropriate reply in the text presented by Mrs Estrela.

This report is inconsistent with the EU and national legislations; it expresses disrespect for the founding principle of subsidiarity as well as the fundamental right to freedom of conscience. Above all, the report does not respect the inherent right to life of every person, whether an EU citizen or not. Such an attitude is not worthy of the EU.  It is not worthy of the democratically elected representatives of the European people to promote such a text. It is not worthy of all those who are fathers and mothers, grandparents, uncles and aunts to limit themselves to such an approach regarding their children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces.

Something better could be offered to Europe’s young and future generations. This is why FAFCE invites families across Europe to write to their Member of the European Parliament to ask them to support the alternative resolution that offers an option respectful of both the dignity of each person and of national legislations.

To assist those who wish to take action FAFCE offers a short briefing note with 12 reasons to vote against the Estrela resolution. The vote will take place on Tuesday 22 October, MEPs should be contacted before this date.

The document can be downloaded below. A more detailed version is equally available here.

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