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FAFCE Board Resolutions

FAFCE Members meet twice a year to discuss and exchange on family support and family-friendly policies. Each Board meeting sees the vote of a resolution to present the position of the Federation on specific subjects and echoes to the current preoccupations of the European families.

1305, 2020

FAFCE Board Resolution | Families are the front line in the pandemic

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FAFCE Board Resolution Families are the front line in the pandemic Online Board Meeting, 6 May 2020 In the context of the current pandemic, families are in the front line. The dislocation of the social fabric is now reduced

910, 2019

FAFCE Board Resolution | Call for a European Natality Pact

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Brussels, 9 October 2019  The new European Parliament is starting its legislative activities and the Members of the College of the European Commission have started to present their concrete programs. During the last European Elections period FAFCE ran

1204, 2018

FAFCE Resolution on the Demographic Winter in Europe

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Vienna, 12 April 2018 The Demographic Winter is a silent emergency which concerns all European Countries. For this reason, gathered in Vienna for our 2018 Spring Board Meeting, we, Presidents and Delegates of the Board of the Federation of