Much of the pornography currently produced and made available through the Internet stands in serious conflict with gender equality, tackling stereotypes, protection of vulnerable persons and the promotion of human rights. Harmful effects produced by the consumption and production of pornography have been documented. Pornography has been found to desensitize the consumer to sexual aggression, causing sexual aggression towards women, normalizing sexual assault, and also producing rape myths, all of which has serious consequences for any attempt to reach gender equality.The current legal reality is that there are very few effective regulations governing pornography either domestically in the European Parliament or Council of Europe region or internationally. We are trying to make awareness in this section of our site of this phenomenon in our today society which affects our families and our children.

FAFCE welcomes EU Parliament debate on Ageing

March 15th, 2024|

Brussels, 15th March 2024 FAFCE warmly welcomes the debate on ageing which took place on Thursday 14th March at the European Parliament. MEPs highlighted the challenges of the demographic winter in Europe, which was

11th Anniversary of Pope Francis’ Election

March 13th, 2024|

Brussels, 13th March 2024 Today we celebrate the 11th anniversary of the election of Pope Francis. The first Jesuit Pope and the first from the Americas, his pontificate has been historic in form as

FAFCE welcomes EU directive on platform workers

March 12th, 2024|

Brussels, 12th March 2024 On Monday 11th March, EU member states approved an agreement on the rights of platform workers. Considered under the status of contractor or self-employed, this directive provides a pathway towards

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