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Happy Easter from FAFCE

Brussels, 20th April 2019


2019 04 19 -Angel of the Resurrection Notre-Dame Paris May 2009

Dear friends,

With this message I would like to send you the best wishes for the Easter, from the entire Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE). The events of recent times have deeply affected the spirits of many in Europe, far beyond practicing Christians, and these have in a way prepared us for the celebration of the Resurrection of Our Lord.

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Paris, burned for causes still unknown at the beginning of the holy week, shed light on our Christian roots, living roots from which we are called to work for the rebirth of our continent.

The ashes on the Ile de la Cité remind us of the spiritual ashes of Europe. It is urgent to overcome any kind of conformism and distorted secularism. As stated by the Archbishop of Paris, Mgr. Michel Aupetit, "This cathedral was built in the name of Christ. It is a sum of stones inhabited by a spirit. It is not a functional building. Some sculptures are in places you cannot see, it's good for something bigger and more beautiful!".

How to disregard this reality in a Europe in search of meaning? How can one look at the prevailing ignorance of the problems of the family, the poor, the unborn? Catholic Family Associations across Europe are working to bring about a reality-based response. They are not a lobby and do not represent special interests. Catholic Family Associations remind everyone of the fundamental role of the family for the common good.

That is why we are working on the current campaign for the European elections with a manifesto that our members are proposing to all candidates, calling for a natality pact, as we have had the opportunity to announce it in the past months (click here to read it in several languages). The reasons for the current demographic decline cannot be reduced to mere economic and financial analyzes we must admit that the birth rate of our countries reveals a cultural void and an acute form of despair.

On 14 and 15 May, the FAFCE Board will meet in Malta for its spring meeting: from here, ten days before the European elections, we will launch an appeal to all families in Europe and will make known the names of the candidates who will have signed our manifesto (published on http://voteforfamily2019.eu/?language=en).

We can only continue to do this work thanks to the support of the members of our Federation and the generosity of many of you. Expressing our gratitude, we allow ourselves to renew our request for economic support: consider your contribution, small or large, as a contribution to the reconstruction of our continent, for the future of our children.

We especially thank you for your support in prayer, because in the face of spiritual ashes we first need spiritual tools. May the Easter festivities give us zeal to accomplish the mission entrusted to us.

Happy Easter,
Antoine Renard

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