Brussels, 25th April 2024

Today AGE Platform Europe launched a campaign ahead of the European Day of Solidarity between Generations on the 29th of April. The Day, initiated by AGE, promotes intergenerational dialogue and solidarity.

In the words of AGE President Heidrun Mollenkopf, “younger people and older people today often live in different worlds. They meet up privately with their peers or attend events tailored specifically to them. Outside of the family, there are hardly any opportunities for young and old to meet.”

However, she adds, “both young and old people have similar needs and interests. Both need an accepting social environment and reliable material living conditions. Both must cope in a constantly changing environment and defend themselves against discrimination based on their age. Both are concerned about natural resources and suffer from the consequences of climate change. And both generations long for a world in which they can live their lives in peace.”

FAFCE joins with the diverse voices that support this vital campaign, which is particularly timely during this year of European elections. We thank AGE Platform Europe for their work and for inviting us to contribute a comment from the perspective of the family.

Vincenzo Bassi, FAFCE President, said: “Families are the foundation of society. Without the family, there is no intergenerational solidarity. Especially during a demographic winter and plummeting birth rates, we must emphasise a culture of solidarity over a culture of isolation. The reality that sustainable development requires generational balance is recognised by family networks, who provide the antidote to widespread loneliness.

“For young people entering a challenging world, dialogue with older generations can provide wisdom and patience. For older people in a fast-changing environment, younger people can provide support and care. Family associations that bridge these divides offer a belonging and a solidarity in contrast to hyper-consumerism. We should look to them as protagonists in creating the shared responsibility between generations for a sustainable future.”

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