Rome, Easter 2020

European unity becomes noticeable only through the solidarity it can demonstrate, whether within our communities or between European Institutions and Member States.

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, with our joint Press Release, last month, we wished to show to the European Union and to governments that family associations are united to ask for greater solidarity in Europe. In these difficult and challenging times, family associations represent an example of unity and solidarity, especially considering the many challenges arising from uncertainty presented by bureaucracies and their inability to act quickly.

As I already stated, European families have no time to waste. We should be less formal and look at the concrete needs of all. When there is a problem in a family, its members act promptly without thinking about anything else. The current public health crisis demands responsibility from all sides.

First of all, as we did in a first press release, we must recall that this situation can be an opportunity to rediscover our human relationships and to recognise the essential role of the family for our communities: States and European institutions have an obligation to respond to the concrete needs of families.

Without families there are no children. And without children there is no future. This transcends far beyond the current crisis. Yet this crisis shows us with clarity that the family is the first place where children, the elderly and the most vulnerable can find support. A new financial crisis is also developing in many European countries: this is the moment to implement fair economic and tax systems that will benefit families. Just like after the Second World War, when the French government invested in family-friendly policies, thanks to which the country could restore itself with renewed hope.

Thanks to the efforts of all our Member Associations and to the donations of all those who support us, we will be able to continue our work, promoting in Europe the beauty and importance of the family.

It is indeed a special Easter this year, where we particularly feel the frailty of our human condition and the need to trust in God’s love: this trust can thus grow within our families and communities, with a special care for those who may feel more isolated.

It’s with these sentiments of hope and gratitude that I wish you all a Happy Easter, in the joy of Jesus Christ, risen for us.


Vincenzo Bassi

FAFCE President