On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, FAFCE President, Vincenzo Bassi, declared: “The fight against violence calls for a change of mentality and for a focus on education. Domestic violence is the direct result of a lack of mutual respect between men and women, that should be based on the inherent complementarity between sexes and the dignity of every human person“.
“The secret of making speedy progress in achieving full respect for women and their identity involves more than simply the condemnation of discrimination and injustices, necessary though this may be. Such respect must first and foremost be won through an effective and intelligent campaign for the promotion of women, concentrating on all areas of women’s life and beginning with a universal recognition of the dignity of women”
– Pope John Paul II, Letter to Women (29 June 1995)
According to the World Health Organization Report on “Preventing intimate partner and sexual violence against women” (2010), violence against women increases in case of men’s:
– low education
exposure to child maltreatment and sexual abuse
addictions (drugs, alcohol, pornography)
financial concerns
The family is the key and not the obstacle to eradicate violence. All persons should be able to grow up in a safe environment, have equal access to education and employment, while policies should aim at preventing financial distress. As the experience of FAFCE Members shows, family networks and associations are crucial to support women and to prevent all forms of violence.