29 March 2021,
Last week, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on “Guidelines for the 2022 Budget – Section III” (Rapporteur: Karlo Ressler, EPP, Croatia), which calls for the inclusion of demographic and family policies in the EU budget.
Members of the European Parliament emphasised “the need for financial resources to revitalise regions suffering from population decline through investments in social and demographic policies that support families and to provide ageing populations in Europe with adequate support in terms of access to healthcare, mobility and public services”. A special focus was also given to youth: “all funding possibilities must be fully explored in order to successfully improve labour market inclusion, in particular via vocational training, measures to improve social inclusion, working conditions and social protection, including for persons with disabilities, as well as family and life prospects for young people, taking into account the work-life balance directive;”
Families are key for the future of Europe. To invest in them is to invest in a sustainable future. This stand of the European Parliament is a very positive step in favour of a demographic spring and a family-friendly Europe!