Brussels, 29th of March 2023

On the 27th of March 2023, FAFCE attended an exchange of views between the Culture and Education Committee of the European Parliament and Mrs. Elisa Ferreira, EU Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, on the importance and best practices for harnessing talent in Europe’s regions. In the framework of the European Year of Skills, speakers tackled the issue of the decreasing working population in some EU regions and discussed the ‘Talent Booster Mechanism’, which aims to support regions dealing with the consequences of demographic unbalance.

Commissioner Ferreira highlighted the impact of demographic transition and transformation at the regional level. While the ‘Talent Booster Mechanism’ offers technical support for regions and stimulates innovation, she also stressed the importance of preventing losing fresh talents by supporting culture and leisure opportunities, improving the quality of life, transport and offering access to “reskilling, upskilling and lifelong learning”.

She encouraged Members of the European Parliament to create a bridge and connections to their home countries and regions and recalled that ensuring safety and good infrastructure is essential in order to retain families and young people in small cities and villages, as well as “offering job opportunities to let them stay where they want to”.

FAFCE welcomes the mention of families and demographic challenges with regard to the EU cohesion policy , and stresses the important role of municipalities and regions in creating an environment that allows young people to have a family in best living conditions.

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