Berlin, 08.07.08: The President of the Federation of catholic Family associations in Europe (FAFCE), Elisabeth Bußmann, has called on the Governments of the EU Member States to endorse the proposal for a Council Directive to apply reduced VAT for specific children’s products.

“A reduction of VAT to children’s products is a decisive contribution in favour of a family friendly policy in Europe. The Governments of the EU Member States should use this opportunity and consent to the proposal submitted by the European Commission”, Elisabeth Bußmann states today in Berlin. “Families with children are far more affected by taxes on goods than other sections of the population are. If tax reductions are planned it is a question of fairness to take into account families as well as small and medium sized businesses.”

This Monday, European Tax-Commissioner Lázlo Kovás has submitted a proposal to change the VAT Directive 2006/112/EC so as to provide Member States to apply reduced VAT also to locally supplied services and to specific products, such as  children’s nappies and children’s car seats. Council has to decide unanimously.

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Claudia Hagen