Dear FAFCE Friends,

The EU elections have already started in some Countries and will take place tomorrow in all the others. As the Board of our Federation already did last week from Malta with the resolution on Rebuilding Europe starting from the family, we wish to repeat our encouragement to go to vote and to support friends and relatives to vote according to their well-formed conscience. The list of the candidates who signed the FAFCE manifesto has been permanently updated on the website.

In fact, manifestos are not enough. We need to exercise our responsibility to vote, informing ourselves about the real commitment of candidates and political parties. We heard a lot of talks during this campaign about the future of Europe, but very few saying that the future of Europe depends on the family, and that there is no future without families!

On our side, we can guarantee that we will continue to work in favour of the promotion of the family, bringing the concrete problems of our society on the table of discussions with the European Institutions. Moreover, we will support and monitor the activity of the elected members of the European Parliament, especially those who signed our manifesto.

Thank you for your support and attention,

Antoine Renard, President

Cornel Barbut, Vice-President

Vincenzo Bassi, Vice-President