As announced earlier in our newsletter, a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) on marriage and family has been launched across the European Union. An ECI is a democratic instrument introduced by the European Union to give citizens more possibilities to express their opinion on policy matters within the competence of the European Union. Besides the European elections it is the only true tool for citizens to have their say in the European decision making process.

Mum, Dad & Kids is an opportunity for EU Citizens to have their say on marriage and family. Marriage and family are matters not of concern to a minority but to a majority of Europeans and their families. During one year, the organisers of the ECI need to collect at least 1 million signatures and reach the minimum level of signatures in at least seven Member States, which corresponds to one quarter of the Member States.

To sign in support of Mum, Dad & Kids it is possible to do so online here or download a paperform here. More information about the ECI can be found on the Mum, Dad & Kids website, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.