Brussels, 13 December 2017

The Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE) expresses its full support to the Polish citizens initiative #StopAbortion, which consists in a legislative proposal aimed to ban eugenic abortion. 

While the signatures requested for a such initiative were a minimum of 100.000, its organisers collected 830.000 signatures, now delivered to the Polish Parliament, which is now compelled to discuss that proposal within three months.

95% of “legal abortions” in Poland are made because of fetal abnormalities or deaseses detected before the birth: this means that, since the enforcement of the current law, in 1993, around 20.000 children are missing because of eugenic abortion.

The President of FAFCE, Antoine Renard, stresses that “all media and leaders should reflect more on the real meaning of abortion, which is always a tragedy, for the baby, the woman and for all relatives. Our history has something to say, especially about eugenism. At the same time – he says – European institutions must respect the principle of subsidiarity on this matter and no resolution can interfere with a legitimate popular initiative: it is a good sign for democracy that 830.000 citizens can express their will, thus participating in the democratic process“.

FAFCE cooperates with its Members and with other organisations and people in favour of an Europe where life is really welcomed and protected. 


Nicola Speranza, Secretary General