Brussels, 15 May 2017

Today is the International Day of the Family, proclaimed for the first time by the United Nations in 1994. As the theme of this year is “Families, education and well-being”, FAFCE wishes to recall that the family is the first place where education is received and relationships are created.

Therefore, FAFCE underlines the need of a real education for love and relationships, in the respect of one’s own body and others’ body. In a world often characterised by throwaway culture, political segmentation and uncertainties for the future, the family is the place where to rebuild trust and confidence, starting from the very basics of human relationships“, states the President of FAFCE, Antoine Renard.

For these reasons, in the context of the EU Legislation, FAFCE is actively advocating for the upholding and the enhancement of the strictest measures for protection of minors in the audiovisual media directive. An Open Letter, co-signed by 26 national and international NGOs, is calling the Members of the European Parliament to “reinforce the provisions limiting pornography and gratuitous violence“, thus considering protection of minors as a priority for families and educators and a matter of utmost importance for the future of our children.

Antoine Renard notes that, “Together with its Members, FAFCE will continue working for the well-being of the family in Europe, recalling the legislators that what is good for the family is good for the whole society: parents must be empowered to raise their children in the best conditions with the best supports, facing both the challenges of digitalisation and economic crisis”.

Namely, FAFCE wishes to express its support for its major Italian Member, Forum delle Famiglie, which celebrated yesterday in Rome the International Day of the Family with a flash-mob to raise public awareness on the demographic winter that is affecting Europe. A large number of families gathered in front of the Colosseum with empty strollers to signify the impact of the huge demographic crisis affecting Italy today, calling on policy-makers for strong and concrete measures to support parents in raising their children, which cannot be considered as a burden, but as a common good.


Maria Hildingsson
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