Brussels, 15th March 2024

Yesterday the European Parliament debated the Inclusion of the right to abortion in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. This debate comes less than a week after President Macron enshrined the ‘right’ to abortion in the French constitution.

Vincenzo Bassi, President of FAFCE, says: “Too often, choosing not to have a child is a consequence of this epoch of loneliness and individualism, where people feel isolated from communities and children are seen as a burden. Instead of leaving women isolated in difficult situations, they should be supported. Networks of family associations should be valued as protagonists in walking with the women who find themselves lonely and anxious.

In the context of a demographic winter, European institutions and member states must pursue policies that foster intergenerational solidarity. To achieve this they must promote the choice of life, by informing and resourcing the family which serves the common good. It is possible to be in favour of life and in favour of choice too – the choice for women to have children and for communities to grow through new lives.”