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Confédération Nationale des Associations Familiales Catholiques (CNAFC)

The «Associations Familiales Catholiques» ( AFC ) was founded in 1905. Today there are 350 local AFC associations all around France and in the over sea departments, and 73 regional federations. All in all about 30 000 families are AFC members. AFC supports and promotes the family within the society, referring to the values of the Catholic Church and its Social Doctrine. The objectives of AFC are the promotion of family based on marriage as the basis of the society and assistance to all families who wish support, whether they are catholic or not. In order to help families and convey these convictions AFC is engaged and represented in social, economic and political issues. AFC is recognized by the French State as being of public utility and is a member of the National Family Association ( UNAF ), a public family interest organization.

28 place St Georges Paris 75009 France
Phone: +33 148788161
Fax: +33 148780735

Easter message from FAFCE

March 28th, 2024|0 Comments

Brussels, 28th March 2024 Dear Friends, This week we celebrate with our families the mysteries of the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. With this newsletter, we wish you a peaceful Easter and also reflect

FAFCE attends World Down Syndrome Day in Geneva

March 21st, 2024|0 Comments

Brussels, 21st March 2024 FAFCE marked World Down Syndrome Day by participating in the event co-hosted by ART21 (Association Romande Trisomie 21) at the United Nations in Geneva.  Pope Francis during World Down Syndrome