Project Description

Magyar Katolikus Családegyesület (UKF)

The Hungarian Catholic Family Association (UKF, founded in 1993) is an independent association, officially accredited by the Hungarian Catholic Episcopal Conference and a registered association in accordance with the civil law. Its activity is based on the catholic social doctrine with a focus on marriage and family, life preservation, family policy and education. These objectives are being promoted through information brokering (publications, conferences, speeches, meetings, education), through support by the relevant scientific research and in a dialogue with society. There is a cooperation with domestic and international institutions and with social groupings whose objectives are not against those of the UKF. Catholic individuals and married couples who want to be members of the UKF have to practice their faith and have to be willing to work for the implementation and the evolvement of the catholic marriage and family ideal as well as to cooperate with the family pastoral centre of their diocese individually or in a group, respectively to participate in the programmes instigated by the UKF. Relations officers for family affairs are responsible for the organisation of the UKF in each Hungarian diocese.

Városligeti fasor 45 Budapest 1071 Hungary
Phone: +36 1 2661962
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