FAFCE Board Resolution
Mdina, Malta, International Day of the Family, 15 May 2019

The European Elections are a unique occasion for all families to make their voice heard and to affirm that the family is the first starting point for rebuilding relationships and community in Europe. For that reason, FAFCE ran the Vote for the Family Campaign, with a Manifesto titled “Stronger Families for Flourishing Societies”, which has been proposed to the candidates to the European Elections. The names of the signatories are published from today on http://voteforfamily2019.eu.

Recalling its Board Resolution for a Demographic Spring (Vienna, 13 April 2018), asking to put the family at the centre of national policies, so that the demographic winter could become a demographic spring and to shape the future of Europe;

Recalling its 20th Anniversary Declaration – Families’ are Europe’s Treasure and building block for the future (Rome, 31 May 2017), calling on the Governments of the European States to promote and create family policies at the national level and promote family friendly EU policies, whilst respecting the principle of subsidiarity;

Considering that families should grow in awareness of being “protagonists” of what is known as “family politics” and to assume responsibility for transformation of the society (Apostolic Exhortation Familiaris Consortio 44, 22 November 1981);

Considering that the family capital is called to impregnate the economic, social and political relationships of the European continent (Speech of Pope Francis to FAFCE, 1st of June 2017);

Considering the COMECE Bishops’ Statement in view of the 2019 European Elections(12 February 2019), stating that the issue of demography has to regain central stage. The subject concerns natality as well as ageing;

our Board, gathered in Malta, one of the very few European Countries still protecting the human dignity of pre-born children, invites with great hope all European families:

1. To check the names of the candidates who signed the FAFCE manifesto who have committed themselves to systematically recognize the fundamental role of the family as the basic unit of society and its importance in the development of children.
2. To make their voice heard during the upcoming European Elections and to vote in their respective Countries in accordance to their well-formed conscience.
3. To make it their own responsibility to become actors of the family policy locally, by taking part in family associations and by raising awareness about the demographic Spring at all levels.
4. To be protagonists of innovative family policies, considering the family as the generative nucleus which gives life to all sectors of the society, in relation to education, economy and employment.
5. To make their contribution to the European public debate, reminding that the only society capable of a future is the one which respects the human dignity of the person and the family, which takes care of the poor and of the environment.