Project Description

Family Solidarity Ely House

Family Solidarity is an Irish voluntary lay organization founded over 20 years ago to promote the interests of the family in Ireland.
Membership: at present about 2,200 members
Our activities:

  • A newsletter published 5/6 times a year mailed to members and available on our website
  • Family Solidarity is one of a number of organisations entitled to make a pre-budget submission each year to the Minister of Social and Family Affairs. In 2006 our submission called for a reduction in the penal level of Stamp Duty paid by Irish families on moving house and the removal of the “tax individualization “ system which penalises families where one parent does not go out to paid work. We were unsuccessful.
  • We work with and encourage other Christian groups such as the Pro-Life Movement, Youth 2000, Youth Defence, and the Christian Solidarity Party which is the only Irish political party committed to Christian principles
  • We are fully behind the work of the Irish M.E.P
  • Kathy Sinnott in her opposition to embryo research

8 Ely Place, Dublin 2 Ireland
Phone: +353 01 6611113
Fax: +353 01 6611114

Irland: Die Ehe sollte ihre Exklusivität behalten

Februar 12th, 2024|0 Comments

Brüssel, den 12. Februar 2024 Am 8. März werden die irischen Bürger in einem Referendum über die Änderung von Teilen der irischen Verfassung abstimmen. Zwei Änderungen stehen am Internationalen Frauentag auf dem Stimmzettel, wobei

THROWBACK: Segnung der Statue des Heiligen Joseph

Dezember 11th, 2023|0 Comments

Brüssel, den 11. dezember 2023 Am 25. Oktober wurde in Brüssel während der FAFCE-Vorstandssitzung eine Statue des Heiligen Josef mit dem Christuskind in der Kapelle der Kommission der Bischofskonferenzen der Europäischen Union (COMECE) aufgestellt