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Family Union

Family Union is a civic association in the Czech Republic uniting ecclesiastical and civil family organisations with a Christian orientation. Its objectives comprise the implementation and promotion of the positive values attached to the marriage based family. It operates in the field of family pastoral care in all Czech dioceses as well as in family policy and programmes for children, youth and families in different phases of their life without confessional competency.

Family Union was founded in 2001 and incorporates 13 family centres with 46,000 people participating in its activities each year.

Kostelní nám. 1 70200 Ostrava Czech Republic
Phone: +420 5 42 21 48 65

FAFCE Sommer Newsletter

Juli 24th, 2023|0 Comments

Liebe Freunde, die Sommerpause ist eine wunderbare Gelegenheit, die zahlreichen Aktivitäten und Veranstaltungen unserer Föderation in den vergangenen Monaten zusammenzufassen. Wie immer stand die Familie als Prisma für den Blick auf die Herausforderungen unserer Gemeinschaften im Mittelpunkt all dieser Aktionen.