Project Description

Nonni 2.0 Famiglia & Società

Our Mission

Our purpose is to enhance the role of grandparents as guardians of memory and as active witnesses of the virtues and experiences which, during their life, have been useful and meaningful, in order to deal with the personal and social challenges of the present days.

Our Objectives

The association is, first of all, committed to actively ensuring that the freedom of education is protected in all regards.

We want to make sure that grandchildren as well as future generations will receive an education which takes into account the basic principles of Roman Catholic Church.

Our Aims

  • To affirm the essential and irreplaceable role of the family based on natural law.
  • To inform people about concrete attacks against human coexistence run by some group of people which leverage on the „politically correct“ motto. These are already happening, often unbeknownst, and are the mean of a new cultural dictatorship dressed as a defense of them as „victims“.
  • To prevent, particularly in schools, the introduction of a totalitarian ideology that deeply contradicts the principles of Reality, Nature and Reason.
  • To organize  public meetings to inform and to educate members and followers about cultural issues that underpin our vision, being supported also by high level speakers
  • To attend, with other pro-family, associations to events and demonstrations aiming to raise public awareness about the risks posed by the degeneration of  natural family.
  • To assure presence on Social Media with news, articles and comments on family and educational matters,  to emphasize the importance of the role of the „grandparents“ as  essential pillar for the intergenerational transfer of traditional values.
  • To advocate to political bodies to steer their decision-making process toward our objectives.

Via Tarvisio 5 Milan 20125 Italy

FAFCE Oster-Newsletter

März 28th, 2024|0 Comments

Der 27. März 2024 Liebe Freunde, In dieser Woche feiern wir mit unseren Familien die Geheimnisse des Leidens, des Todes und der Auferstehung Christi. Mit diesem Rundbrief wünschen wir Euch ein friedliches Osterfest und

PRESSEMITTEILUNG Irlands Referendum über Familie und Mutterschaft: „gesunder Menschenverstand ist zurück“

März 11th, 2024|0 Comments

Brüssel, 11. März 2024 Das Volk der Republik Irland lehnte am Freitag bei zwei Referendumsabstimmungen vorgeschlagene Verfassungsänderungen ab. Familiennetzwerke waren entscheidend für die erfolgreiche NoNo-Kampagne, während die gescheiterte YesYes-Kampagne von fast allen politischen Parteien unterstützt